Four Characteristics Of A Good Parts Supplier For Your Fleet Of Forklifts

If you operate a business with several forklifts and have been using another company for repair and maintenance, at some point you may start thinking about doing this work in-house. This is especially true if you plan on acquiring additional forklifts in the future. But there is more to in-house repair and maintenance than simply hiring a mechanic and making sure he has the proper tools. You will also need a reliable supplier for forklift parts. The following are a few things you need to look for when evaluating a parts supplier.

They should carry parts from several manufacturers

As you expand your inventory of forklifts, you may want to purchase used forklifts. You may even want to do this to replace older models. This can be a great money saving decision, but it can also lead to owning more than one manufacturer. This won't be a problem with a good mechanic, but you will need a parts supplier that carries original equipment manufacturer replacement parts, as well as aftermarket components.

They should have a large inventory

Any parts supplier can place what you need on order, but this can take weeks. You want a supplier to have as many parts in inventory as possible, so you can have your forklift repaired and back in use. When one or more of your forklifts are sidelined with a needed repair, it will mean a loss of productivity. A large inventory of parts does not guarantee that what your mechanic needs will be readily available, but it does increase the probability that it will be on hand. A good parts supplier will have all the most common replacement parts in stock for all the popular makes and models.

They should offer one day delivery

In some situations, you may be able to wait a week or two for a part to arrive, but when there is an emergency repair because your company is very busy, you want the part as soon as possible. There are several companies that offer one day delivery, and this is usually true regardless of where the supplier and your company are both located.

They should offer technical support

This is critical for your mechanic. No matter how knowledgeable or skilled he is, your mechanic will have questions from time to time about a particular component. It is important that a parts supplier has a technical staff that can speak the language of a forklift mechanic, so the correct part is ordered and installed properly.

Hiring a mechanic for repair and maintenance of your forklifts can be a good idea. It is possible to maintain your equipment and perform needed repairs quickly, so you don't have much downtime for your fleet. However, choosing the right forklift parts supplier is an important part of the equation.