Don't Look Sketchy Or Dodgy: Fixing Damaged Ceiling Tile To Make A Better First Impression

Nothing says trashy, unkempt, and poorly maintained like sagging, water-damaged, bowed, and broken ceiling tile. Some of the less-than-reputable places of business have such ceiling tiles, it makes you want to turn around and walk back out of the front door when you see this. There is just something seemingly off about a business that seems to be doing very well and yet it cannot replace the ceiling tiles in its office or store. Thankfully, there are solutions for that, and if your business is the one getting the (wrong) looks from customers, here is how to fix the appearance of your ceiling.

Find Where and How the Damage Is Occurring

​Before you can even fix the ceiling, you should make every attempt to find out how the ceiling is being damaged and where the water or other damaging liquids are seeping in. Just replacing drop ceiling tiles without fixing what caused the problem in the first place results in a never-ending vicious circle of damaging tiles, replacing tiles, and watching new tiles slowly become damaged again. Hire either a roofer or a water damage remediation specialist to find the source of the problem and get that fixed first.

​Rip out and Throw away Damaged Tiles

​The next step, after leaks have been fixed, is to rip down/take down all of the damaged tiles. These should be deposited in your company dumpster out back unless they are really old and possibly contain asbestos. Some commercial kitchens that have sat untouched and abandoned for more than forty years may need an asbestos specialist to test the tiles before you remove them. Older ceiling tiles may contain asbestos, in which case you cannot throw them in the dumpster out back You will need a special asbestos removal crew to take down and remove these tiles. 

​Replace Old Tiles with Waterproof Lay-in Ceiling Tile

​Now that you fixed the leaks and removed the damaged tiles, you can purchase and install waterproof ceiling tiles. These tiles are resistant to humidity, moisture, leaks, etc.. Since you already addressed the problem with leaks, these waterproof tiles are good to go even if a new leak should develop several years down the road. Additionally, the waterproof tiles come in a variety of sizes and styles, which means you can also update the look of your drop ceiling in your business while replacing the damaged tiles, should you choose to do so.