3 Factors To Determine What Press Brakes You Need For Your Machine

Press brakes are complicated machines. If your business needs to purchase some new press brakes, you need to make sure that you understand how press brakes work so that you can make an informed purchasing decision. You need to know all the parameters of your press brakes in order to effectively replace them.

#1 Type of Press Brake Depends on What You Are Making

The type of press brake that your machine needs depends upon the type of materials that your press brake will be working with. If you are working on inexpensive material, your machine needs a common hydraulic press brake. However, if you are doing more intricate material and doing more intricate work, you are going to want to use an electronic press brake. Electronic press brakes offer you a greater degree of control than a hydraulic press brake, which is why it is worth upgrading to an electronic press brake when you need to do intricate work with your machines. 

#2 Number of Axes of Control

Next, you need to determine how many axes of control your press brakes need. Once more, it is about the type of materials that you are working with. The more advanced the materials you are shaping or the more delicate the materials are that you are shaping, the more axes of control that you need. For sturdier materials and for less complicated projects, you need less axes of control. The axes of control are directly related to the complicated of the projects that you plan on doing and the strength of the materials that you will be working with.

#3 The Size of the Press Brake

There are a few different factors that impact the size of the press brake that you should install on your machinery. To start with, you need to measure how long the material is that you are working with as well as how wide the material is that you are working with. Your press brake bed will need to be at least as long as the material that is. If the material is not that wide, the brake bed only needs to be as long as your material. If the material is wider, you are going to want a press brake pad that is longer than the length of the material. 

When you need new press brakes for your machine, you are going to want to figure out the type of press brake that you need based on the type of job that you are working on, as well the size of the project. To learn more about press brakes, contact a business such as Sierra Victor Industries.