3 Septic Tank Issues That Could Be The Cause Of Problems Inside And Outside Your Home

The septic tank in your backyard is a waste treatment system for your household plumbing that needs maintenance. It will also occasionally need repairs and can be the cause of plumbing problems such as slow drains and clogged lines, as well as problems outside your home like leaks and smelly, soggy lawns. Here are some of the septic tank issues that are often the cause of problems:

1. Outdated Drain Fields That Become Clogged with Solids

Today, septic system drain fields are complex waste filtration systems, but older systems have simple drain tiles and drainage. The old septic drain lines are susceptible to various problems, such as collapsed drain tiles, solids clogging the lines and the drain field becoming over saturated. When you have these types of problems, the best solution is usually to have the drain field replaced, but you can talk with a septic system repair service about other options.

2. Degrading and Leaking Old Concrete Septic Tanks Causing Issues

Degrading concrete septic tanks is another major problem that you may have to deal with if you have an older system. These tanks have been installed for decades and often degrade overtime. Some of the problems with concrete septic tanks include cracks, leaks and degrading baffles inside the tank. If you have a concrete septic tank, talk with a repair contractor about options like installing a liner or replacing the tank completely.  Replacement of your septic tank is a last resort but may be needed if your tank is severely damaged or a safety hazard due to structural damage to the tank.

3. Septic Tanks Becoming Full of Sludge and Backing Up into Other Areas

The lack of maintenance or problems inside the tank leads to sludge or solid waste filling the tank and getting into outlets and even backing up into the plumbing in your home. To prevent these problems, have your tank pumped every few years. In addition, make sure that you materials and chemicals that cause damage stay out of the tank. Another measure you can take to prevent problems with septic tank overburden is to have a repair contractor install an overflow alarm to alert you when there is a problem with the system that requires maintenance.

These are some of the common septic tank problems that you will have to deal with as part of routine maintenance. If you need help with repairs to your tank or drain field, contact a septic tank repair service to help.