Five Reasons Rogowski Coils Are More Practical Than Standard Current Transformers

Rogowski coils are devices that can measure high-speed current pulses or AC currents. They can replace standard current transformers thanks to the advantages offered by their design.

The design of this type of device includes wire formed into a helical coil which is wrapped around conductors.

There are numerous factors that make the design of these coils superior to that which is offered by standard or traditional current transformers.  The following are five reasons why Rogowski coils are in many ways more practical and effective than other current transformer devices:

Their design is lightweight.

The lightweight design of these coils make them more efficient in a wide variety of industrial operations.

While traditional current transformers are heavier and require more structural support, these coils can speed up operations thanks to the ease with which they can be worked into a design and be moved. 

Their design allows them to be wrapped around live conductors.

Not only are these coils lightweight, but they can also easily be attached thanks to the ability of the helical wire to be quickly wrapped around conductors.

They do not have to be adhered to the conductor in any other way and stay in place simply thanks to their design. The wrap around capability of these coils does not in any way disturb the conductor when it is put in place. 

They respond quickly to current changes.

One of the biggest benefits these coils offer over traditional transformers is that they have low inductance.

This means that these coils will respond quickly to any changes in the conductor's current. In fact, these coils can respond within only nanoseconds to any current changes. 

They are highly linear and stand up well to electromagnetic interference.

These coils achieve their high linearity thanks to the fact that they contain no magnetic materials that can become saturated.

Coils retain their linearity even in situations where they must stand up against very large currents, like in the case of pulsed applications or electric power transmission. They can even be used in applications where welding operations subject them to extremely large currents. 

They don't require secondary turns.

Traditional current transformers will typically require increased secondary turns. Without secondary turns, current transformers are often unable to keep up a constant current output. 

Rogowski coils do not have this drawback and show no need for any increase on secondary turns in order to keep up their current output.