Three Reasons Why Lift Station Cleaners Are An Absolute Must

Lift stations are areas where human waste, both liquid and solid, are moved, or lifted, uphill against gravity. Most of them consist of a box and a platform that allows technicians to check the movement of the waste and repair anything that is not working correctly. As such, these stations frequently get dirty with some of the waste and wastewater. The lift stations need to be kept clean, and lift station cleaner is used to do that. Here is why the lift stations need to be cleaned.


Diseases such as HIV, AIDS, hepatitis A, B, C, and D, and a few others are present in the fecal matter of humans. Blood is also present, as are various human parasites. Keeping the lift station clean means that it is free and clear of many things that could be lethal, and make you very sick. OSHA and federal regulations require that any workstation, no matter where it is located, are kept clean, free of physical hazards, and clean so that no one gets sick. An industrial strength, lift station cleaner does just that.

It Just Looks Better

Be honest; would you want to approach this type of workstation, knowing what it is for, and see the control panel or platform covered in some sort of brown material? Probably not. While it is not fun to clean up this type of workstation, knowing that it looks less unpleasant when it is clean is worth the effort.

It Smells Better Too

In all honesty, it helps to have something other than human waste to smell when you are working on a station like this. The lift station cleaners have very distinct odors, such as mint, citrus, or some other powerful and more pleasant odor. When the station smells like cleaners, you are better able to zero your nose in on these smells rather than the smells that typically arise from the tanks and plumbing below.

Dispersal of Lift Station Cleaners

Lift station cleaners come in both the pressure washer varieties and the manual hand sprayer type. You can choose what kinds you want, and even select from the odor-destroying scents available. These stations should be cleaned weekly, or whenever they become contaminated with visible waste. The rest of the time they should be sanitized with an industrial-strength sanitizer, which often smells of wintergreen or orange citrus. It helps to also spray the lift stations down with sanitizer daily to kill any bacteria or viruses you do not see.

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