Teardrop Pallet Racking Systems: FAQs And Answers You Want To Know

When a system is not broke, you don't have to fix it, but when something works and could be more functional, it is always a better bet to make it better. This is exactly what teardrop pallet racking systems are all about. The industrial pallet racking system you have in place may be fine, but if you are like most business owners, there is definitely some room for improvement. Teardrop pallet racking makes it possible for you to somewhat alter the current structure of your pallet racks without doing a major overhaul. Check out a few things you need to know about teardrop pallet racking systems:

What exactly is a teardrop pallet racking system?

The teardrop pallet rack has a slide-in or "teardrop" shape that features punched holes along the folds. These punched holes give you the ability to lock cross beams into place as horizontal sections between the primary beams of the pallet racing setup. Because this form of pallet racking is versatile enough to work with existing systems, you can easily change up the design, add new shelving to your overall layout, and create an overall more functional design that works better for your storage needs. 

What are the primary advantages of teardrop pallet racking?

This modern industrial implement comes with a whole list of advantages that any business owner can appreciate, especially those that utilize pallet racking systems as part of their primary organization plans. A few of the most noteworthy advantages of teardrop racking include:

  • the racking gives the ability to change the formation of racking quickly
  • the racking is compatible with almost any style of traditional pallet racking 
  • the racking saves money on what would be expensive reconfigurations
  • the racking is lighter in weight, so it is easily maneuvered and stored when pieces are no longer needed

What type of business mostly benefits from teardrop pallet racking?

Pretty much any business who has a current deficit in how their pallet racking functions will see improvement with teardrop racking. However, this form of pallet racking really works well in a business that has ever-changing storage needs, such as a warehousing facility that shelves a broad range of pallet and merchandise sizes. Teardrop racking is versatile enough that it can be moved around to accommodate changes on the fly without it being a big hassle to do so. The same cannot be said for the standard pallet racking systems.