Technical Difficulties: Please Stand By Your Industrial Fiberscope

Industrial fiberscopes help many different repair technicians see past tight spaces and around corners inside engines and through tinier pipes. However, these scopes can also suffer their own technical difficulties. If you notice any of the following while you are attempting to use your industrial fiberscope, be sure to get the scope into an industrial fiberscope repair company right away.

The Optical Fibers Are Not Transmitting a Coherent Image

No matter which direction you turn the controls, the optical fibers are not delivering a coherent image to the screen. If you have already tried to change optical tips, connect the scope to a different screen, and/or played with the controls to try and clarify the images to no avail, there is something really wrong with the scope. Set it aside and be sure to label it so that no one else attempts to use it before it can be repaired.

The Controls Are Not Responding

This is probably the most common issue with fiberscopes and boroscopes. The controls fail almost as fast as the optical fibers (when they do fail). The controls can be spun all the way in either direction, but the scope stays in one place. No matter how you try to maneuver the scope and manipulate the controls, the scope does not go anywhere you want it to go.

There Are Splits in the Line

Splits and/or breaks in the feed line can distort the image transmission to the viewing screen. It is akin to charging your smartphone with a frayed cord. You may get a little of what you need, but not enough to do the job. Prior to using your scope, check it for splits and breaks to make sure the feed line is okay. If it is not, you could try to use the scope, but you probably will not like the results you see on the viewing screen.

DO NOT Try to Fix the Scope Yourself!

No matter how mechanically-inclined you are, you should not attempt to fix any of the above issues with your scope by yourself. These are highly technical and very sensitive pieces of equipment that need to be fixed by scope repair experts. If you expect to have the scope working appropriately again, you need to send the scope to a repair company that handles these types of repairs. In the meantime, you should have a backup scope you can use until the damaged/broken scope is repaired.