Setting Up Your New Commercial Kitchen Space With Commercial Equipment

A commercial kitchen might be a restaurant kitchen, a bakery, or even a kitchen used to make specific food products to be sold commercially. No matter what you use your kitchen for, there are some pieces of equipment you might need or want to have on hand. While not every kitchen will need to same items, there are some things that are pretty universal. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Stoves and Ovens

Probably the most-used item in the kitchen will be the cooktop and oven. Most commercial units are gas not electric but you can certainly find electric units if you prefer them. Like some many of the things you will buy for the kitchen, this is not an area that you want to cut corners. You will likely be using the stove more than any other item in the kitchen.

Paddle or Blade Mixers

A large or oversized paddle or blade mixer is another item that can be instrumental to the workflow in the kitchen. If you are mixing large batches or a lot of ingredients to make a larger batch of whatever you are baking that day, having the ability to mix all the ingredients at once is huge time saver. While you can function with several smaller batches, mixing everything at once makes it easier to maintain a consistent final product.


If you have all the equipment you need, you will want to take a look at commercial dishwashing equipment as well. Trying to wash everything by hand after baking or cooking all day is just not something that most people are going to want to do. If you space can handle a large dishwasher, it is a good addition to any commercial kitchen. Because the water in these dishwashers gets so hot, they have the added benefit of being able to completely sanitizing all your pots and pans completely. And since cleaning and sanitation are critical when you are preparing food, there is really no downside to adding this to your equipment list.

Where To Get Equipment

When it comes time to start shopping for all of these items and a lot of other things for your kitchen, seek out a restaurant supply store or supplier. Talk to them about what you are doing and what equipment is on your list. They can show you what they have available and what features each item has. The price point may be a concern for you so speak to the dealer about that upfront. There is little reason to look at the most expensive mixer they have if your budget restricts you to the middle of the live items. Be sure to negotiate the delivery and setup of each item that you are buying too.