Ready To Start Finishing Basements And Attics As A Business Oppourtunity? Must Have Tools

If you are offering a business service to finish basements and unused attic space, there are some tools that you can get that will make your trade a little easier to manage. There are some items that may not be obvious, like the tools, machinery and building materials that will be at the top of the list. Here are just a few tools that can help you get through the jobs faster, so you can make more money and add more clients to your calendar as your business starts to grow.

Drywall Jack

A drywall jack will eliminate the need to have someone help you when it comes to getting the drywall hung on the walls and in place. You'll want to get a jack so that the drywall is easy to lift, you don't have to rely on your own man power to get a job started or completed, and to make the lifting and placing process go faster. There are different models available for sale, depending on the quality and material of the jack.

Splatter and Knock Down Sprayer

You can get a specialized paint sprayer that will apply paint with the knock down texture that is used on a lot of walls and ceilings, or that will also do splatter texture and other options. These sprayers are great because it helps to blend the look with other drywall around the house, and it's an easy way to cover up the finished drywall in a short amount of time. Sprayers allow you to cover a lot of square footage as needed.

Electronic Tape Measure

An electronic tape measure is a quick way to measure a space, find out the dimensions of a room, line up drywall and more. Carrying one of these light weight electronic devices can be a lot easier than using an actual tape measure, which can be heavy and you sometimes need two people to hold it.

These are just some of the things that you want to consider adding to your tool box, or putting in your work vehicle to make finishing the different jobs you have easier. Find a local retailer or compare prices online to see what products get the best reviews, and to see what products are worth the investment. The easier you can work, and the faster, the better your business will be and the happier you'll be while working. For more information, contact companies like TJAK All Purpose Support Tool.