How To Make The Perfect Flourless Chocolate Torte Without A Springform Pan

If you are the type who loves to make fancy desserts, but you don't feel like buying all of the hardware that is necessary, then you might have become resigned to not ever making something as fancy as a chocolate flourless torte. These desserts are very decadent and they are one of the most impressive desserts that you can serve at a dinner party, but they also require special considerations when cooking. Most cook books will tell you that you need to have a springform pan. However, there are ways around this. You can make due with simple store bought items and you don't need to go out and buy an expensive springform pan. Here is what you need:

Small Disposable Aluminum Pan

In lieu of a small springform pan, you can simply go out and buy one of those disposable aluminum pans that people buy for BBQ's and other parties. Try and get the smallest one possible, otherwise, the torte will be too thin. When you pour in the batter it is going to spread, and unlike cakes, it will not rise very much. So get a very small aluminum pan, possibly one that is designed for side dishes or even personal sized leftovers.

Floured Non-Stick Spray

A non-stick springform pan is ideal, but not necessary as long as you have non-stick spray and pan liners (mentioned below). Pouring chocolate torte batter into a plain aluminum pan is going to be a disaster. The batter will stick and you won't be able to remove it easily and cleanly. And, unlike a batter such as brownies, tortes are very delicate and will crack and crumble and the visual beauty of the dessert will be ruined. And greasing the pan with butter is not sufficient. You need a combination of floured non-stick spray and a pan liner.

Pan Liners

In conjunction with the non-stick spray, you will need a pan liner. First, spray the aluminum pan with non-stick spray and then lay the pan liner inside the aluminum pan. Then, for an extra layer of protection, you will want to spray the liner again. It's always important to make sure that you spray the liner just in case one small section of the torte gets a bit more heat transfer and ends up sticking a bit more to one particular section of the pan. You want to be sure that the torte comes out of the pan in one single, beautiful piece.

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