Before Stacking Items, Focus On These Pallet Rack Tips

Any warehouse is sure to have some pallet racks. Whether you're opening a new space or updating old pieces, whatever pallet racking system you use must be sturdy and functional. The following factors should have your focus early on so that you're confident about your racks performing well.

Try Steel

You could be considering wood pallet racks, but remember that wood can be troublesome. It can splinter, crack and rot in certain conditions. To skip those kinds of situations, consider steel instead. Steel is relatively easy to maintain and durable. If you're hoping to slash costs while still getting steel, you could choose a cold rolled variety. While not as polished as other types, it is still strong.

Know Load Limits

It is very important that you know about the weight limits for any racks you're using before you start stacking items. Going past load limits could damage not only your inventory, but you and your workers too. Limits should be posted prominently on each and every rack; if you have to contact manufacturers to know for certain what their limits are, do so. If you think you'll need higher than normal load limits, ensure that you're looking for manufacturers that can construct such racks for you.

Find Out Whether You'll Need a Permit

It's possible that you're obligated to seek out a warehouse permit for your pallet racks to ensure that there won't be a fire hazard or other problems due to all the inventory you plan to keep. If so, bring along plans and designs for the system you're planning, along with load limit information. Do this some weeks before actually erecting the pallet racks so that if there is a problem, it can be rectified without running afoul of your local guidelines.

Space Properly

If your racks haven't even arrived, you have a great opportunity to sketch layout and discover possible problems. In particular, putting racks too close together causes trouble in many warehouses. If your equipment can't get pallets in place, you're likely to have to shut down the entire warehouse while the pallet racks are properly spaced out. Don't erect a second rack until you and your team have managed to figure out how much space the pallets need between them.

Attention to any of these issues will make your work with the pallet racks easier. Not only will you properly prepare, but you'll be better at avoiding trouble with the system. Visit sites like for more information.